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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Investing into Education


In a country where financial poverty is rampant, and disease is out of control, we must contribute where we can best direct young people to a better future.
Pictured below are our six students, the last one, on the right is actually the brother of our student studying abroad.
I've just returned to the US from a short trip to Angola to see our students and organize the accounting for our scholarship fund. It was so nice to see them all and hear how they are doing. Three students are in the middle of their second year and three are in the first year. This time I took lots of time to really sit with them and learn their stories and meet their families.
I  was especially touched by this visit with Joao Paulo, a second year student in nursing. He is the oldest of 7 siblings and his father has suffered from a series of stokes. It seems as though his father's brain is no longer cooperating. They must always have someone there to "babysit" him and they have to lock all doors because he wanders. What a burden for this dear lady, when I came into her house she just cried and embraced me, thanking me over and over, then I cried and tried to convince her that it is the Lord who is bringing this blessing and not me. But I was non-the-less received quite warmly.
 Hercilio is our volunteer secretary, hopefully as we grow this will become a paid position. So far, he has been found trustworthy and prompt.
 Above is our official Board of Directors. They help council me in Angolan culture, and help in the selection process as we choose students.
Pictured above is Pastor Cadivonga and his lovely wife Ju (and me). He has founded an Angolan NGO to support our scholarship in official Angolan issues and needs, and he is the president of the Organization.
Above is a picture of Marcia, one of our students at the University where 4 of our students attend. She is at the office and then lastly checking grades.
At this point we are ready to start planning for the year 2016. In Angola the school year starts in February.  If anyone would like to have me come to your church or group of friends, or organization to talk about our scholarship, I would love to do that. We are looking for people to support a student for four years, each year costing $4,000-$5,000 depending on the student. When all the funds come in for the six students to continue next year, then we will consider choosing new students to begin University.
Let me encourage and remind you, without this scholarship, these students would certainly not be going to University, and therefor contributing to the dire conditions from the lack of education in Angola. Please consider supporting a student or even just giving a one time gift toward our scholarship.
To learn more about our students and how you might give, go to our website at

May we all search out the Lords will and follow Him,

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