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Monday, May 6, 2013

Calling All Adventurers and Ministry Teams

Many have asked if we could use a ministry team, or missions group. The answer is YES! I will tell you what is going on, and if anything strikes a chord with you, then please come.

If you are willing to come do surgery for a couple weeks that's great, if you want to stay for a month or even a year. You are welcome and wanted. Opthalmology nurses and techs would be very useful too.

Teaching how to read. It would probably help if you knew Portuguese, but I'm no teacher, if there are ways of teaching how to read without knowing the language, I"m not aware of it. But the language is much more phonetic than English is.

Teaching English, anyone who wants to come do an English class as an Evangelical tool, that would be so great. You would teach in the church, and we would advertise in the community, so all are welcome, then we would have our members come and be your helpers, that way they can meet the "prechristians" and show them the love and acceptance of the Lord.

There are always opportunities for construction, but the construction here is mainly brick making, brick laying and then pouring concrete. Actually if you could teach people this trade, that would be even better. People do it here without worrying about being really flat or perfectly done. The art of precision is lost.

Again it would be best if one spoke Portuguese in this area, but we can and will find translators.

Organizing our inventory is a new thing to me, and I could use all the help that I can get.

Someone who come and document the work that is being done here in a professional manner.

The Lord has place me in a wonderful and intimidating position. Working with a blind association, with a building that is way too small and not enough resources to feed everyone on the list. For now, we can only feed half, and the half cannot fit into our "building" more like an office. The government has promised to build a bigger location, they have been waiting for a couple years. After the building is built, then what? We have ideas of Braille classes, training the blind in a trade or a craft, and opening a store front to sell the crafts. Big dreams right? But I'm not equipped to teach Braille, nor do I have a trade to teach, or a craft. Ha, I write! So I'm doing what I know how to do best. I'm writing to implore all of you out there that know anything about blind associations.

Thanks for reading, I can't wait to hear from you all, we will plan on receiving you all as soon as you are ready!!

From Angola With Love,