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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good Citizen Award

I know I just blogged, but John had a big week, so I'd like to brag. The American Ambassador for Angola came to visit Boa Vista and honored John with an award recognizing him for his sacrifices and compassion for the blind in Angola.

                                                  The local news came to see as well!
 Then we were given a new invention in the glasses world, by AFRICOM, a humanitarian devision of the U.S. military. Thank you for that AFRICOM. These glasses are prescription adjustable!
 And then we were re-awarded the award at a fancy reception. Never thought I'd be putting make-up on this month, and very glad for my new friend Mariana, who owns fancy dresses. Thank you Mariana for making me beautiful.

We met many amazing people this evening and were very humbled to be recognized. I'm so proud of you John!

From Angola with Love,


Monday, March 4, 2013

Ladies Weekend

I just got back from a ladies weekend get-a-way. It was much different from the New York trip I went on with my mom and sisters.
Above, we are getting ready to go, Catarina on the left and Elizabeth to my right.
We drove out about three hours from our city called Benguela, to a provence called Cubal. When we first arrived Elizabeth informed me that beef is much cheeper out there, so off to the butcher we went.


I didn't participate in purchases.


Guts bowl

Okay, now that that's behind us, let's continue on with our trip, "oh what? You want that to go in the back of my car? in a corn sack? um okay. " When we arrived at our beautiful destination, my the carpet in the back of my car was covered in blood. That was a first for me, ha, I'm sure you all have been there.

We took our car as far as possible and then walked the rest. This little community has one well for the people to haul waterto their houses every morning.

Here is the church we came to visit and teach.

New Friends



Behind Elizabeth is the adobe hut that we stayed in.


Our main reason for going was to encourage and teach the church. Saturday afternoon we had a small gathering and Elizabeth and I taught about basic sanitation and hygenic issues, along with child rearing and vaccinations.

Then the next moring we lead the Sunday service and all the choirs had a special song for us.


Each of us three ladies were given a chicken as a parting gift. And yes, that was also to go in the back of the car. They were mostly good passengers, only complained with a bag fell on them.

And then below are pics from the drive back. Thanks for Reading.
From Angola with Love,  Lori