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Saturday, February 16, 2013


We have several reasons to be thankful today as we celebrate the close to a difficult week in Boa Vista.

We ran out of viscoelastic (a material needed for cataract surgery) on monday and for the rest of the week had to explain to 12 families every day why they could not have surgery, had to take the bus back home empty handed. It was rough.

All this was brought on by a rather difficult to explain delay in importation of goods. In summary, we purchased this material in October, It was air freighted from India in less than a day and has been held up in various delays in customs/importation houses since then. 

Today in our weekly team meeting at Boa Vista we gathered and prayed together as group for 5 minutes, really held up our needs to the Lord. And today at 2 pm the importation was release!!
This is the second time during our stay in Angola that the same day our Boa Vista team prayed for the importation it was released the same day. Amazing.

For those of you who have not heard, we had a smooth entry into Angola this time around. Our medical donations were successfully implemented at Boa Vista. In fact, friday we did the first 2 phaco surgeries in the history of Boa Vista. It was a hard work, but with a good team effort it was accomplished.  I'm so very grateful to Chris Croasdale and Linda at Alcon for making this donation possible.
This machine really makes our stay for another two years feel more possible. Getting practice on this machine helps to keep my surgical skills up to date with the developed world.
And on the first postoperative day, both of the eyes looked great and had good improvement in vision. Great result, I was trusting the Lord that the results would give evidence to the fact that we can do this surgery here in Angola. 

We had another missionary family from Switzerland join us here in the SOLE base in Benguela. They will be serving an administrative role here. Are both just a little younger than our parents, and will be a very nice addition to our group here in Angola.

In all of these things, I have to give thanks to a good and gracious father in heaven. Thanks God.