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Monday, October 29, 2012

M'banza Kongo

We've just returned from a two days journey north to a small town called M'banza Kongo. They are proud to claim that they used to be the capitol of the Congo Kingdom. We had a beautiful time, met some wonderful people and John did lots of surguries.
First of all I have to comment on a few new culture shocks that I encountered.

-As we were eating on the patio of a restaurant, I honestly was past by a couple cats, a large pig, a dog, a chicken and a monkey! Could somebody call sanitation control!!! (the monkey was on leash)

-I'll never complain about a cold shower again as long as it's a shower and not a tiny bucket that was brought up to me by the poor worker guy, who not only had to haul our bathing water, but also our toilet flushing water! (Thank you, God for flushing toilets!)

-I actually did like the carrying our dinner up to the dorm rooms on our heads, and then returning the dishes in the same fashion. I need to work on my neck muscles a little more.

-I cannot wait to be invited to peoples house. It won't happen. I've waited for a year. I'm realizing that they just want us to pop in. Or call and say that we are coming over! I love it and they do too. (I'll try not to let this one effect my visits back to the US.)

-I finally discovered the beauty of a washboard, and I'm not talking about my abs.

Above is the poarch were I learned a few dishes about cooking in Northern Angola

Above is Katerina, before her eye surgery and below is her afterwards! I just love her.

Patients waiting to see the doctor.
Translation: Cemetary of the Kings of the Congo

The kings burrial sights

My impromptu English class

The students who didn't want to leave

Minus the power lines, this is what I picture when I think of when Jesus lived. So simple and so wonderful

John in action

Post Surgury


Quick stop on the trip back home for some fast food!
Thanks for reading.
With Love From Angola,