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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update on Rita's house

We are finally making some progress on Rita's house!!! Remember Rita? For Christmas many of you readers gave to help construct Rita's house.  Well here we are, she  now has walls! Here is a picture from before Chistmas. It has taken her 5 years to get this far.

  Here is a picture from before Chistmas. It has taken her 5 years to get this far.

Here is a picture of Rita and her oldest son, Tadeo, when we used your dollars to buy cements.
 (and Roman)

Here is Tadeo in from on the house now! The walls are all up and now they are putting some iron support on top.
In order to same money, Rita's construction crew are making the cement blocks instead of buying them. We got to see how this is done. In front is the mold and behind are the blocks while they are drying.

Picture of the constuction crew from inside the house.

Dude wanted to pose, another construction worker.

Rita and her kids are so excited about the house. Since I've written about her, and we has the wonderful responce, Rita lost her last living sibling, her sister, and has inherited her three children. Row Rita has 6. Pictured above are two of Rita's youngest and her sisters two oldest. And of course Roman. She also now has a four year old.
Nela, her four-year-old

These kids will finally begin school because Rita knows the importance of it. They are 10 and 8 years old and have never been to school. With the new house they will all have beds and comfortable living space. We saw yesterday that the government has started puting in power lines to the neighborhood, and they are also working on puting in water. Very exciting.

So now we have use all the money that was donated so I told Rita that the rest depended on Rita. It's good for her to use her own money too. As you can see there is quite a ways to go, so if you do want to help out and have not yet, it will be very appreciated!
Thanks again for reading, and allowing me to be a vessle, transporting your love and generocity to Rita.

With Love From Angola,