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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let's build some houses

Happy Spring everyone! Here in Oregon, Spring seemed to start early, and we are enjoying every moment. Thank you all for the continued support to our ministries. Even as we are now living stateside, we were able to double our scholarship fund this year. We now have 6 students in college Six of whom would not be there if it weren't for all of us pooling our resources to help the underprivileged on the other side of the world. 
The school year has officially begun. (there they study from February to November). Now I can focus on two beautiful ladies who could use a new house. Pictured above is Elvira Rode. She went completely blind about 10 years ago, and then her husband died 4 years ago. She does have four adult children, non whom are working yet (neither was she able to send them to high school), but one did make it and now is studying civil construction. 
Rode is the treasurer of the blind association. Which means that she keeps up with the few dollars that they might have to use if they have events or if a member is sick and in need. Rode roasts peanuts and sells them in front of her house everyday, and has grown a small business with the help of her daughters, that go to the bread shop in the early morning to buy a basket of bread and also sells to the neighbors.
 For the past 5 year,s Rode has been buying one cinder block at a time to build herself a new house. Her dream would be to rebuild the adobe house you see behind her with good solid bricks. (cinder blocks) And in a perfect world the opposite side, which faces the "road" would have a store front where she can continue to build up her business. Below is a picture of her bathroom, which is not connected to her house, but this is very common in her neighborhood.

 For about $5,000.00 we can higher Angolan workers, buy locally made materials and rebuild her house and add the store front. I think we should do this. If anyone wants to contribute the smallest amount, Elvira Rode and I would be very appreciative. Just go to our new website; and you will be led to a donation page at Helping Hands Ministries. That money will go straight to this building project.

Next is a story that I am totally invested in. This little guy has become John and my godson. His mother ran away from his father while she was pregnant with him. She said that he hit her frequently. He also has two older siblings and now a baby sister. (Another father, who is not interested in having children, therefore out of the picture) Adele, the mother, has asked John and me to take her son, because like many poor people in the developing world, giving away the child to a rich family is easier, and a more secure future for her child. Well, I think before John and I take any of her kids (which I really do want to take that boy!), we need to help her face this discouraging life and help her gain some security. Let's help this mamma gain some self respect by being a home owner, and give her a secure future knowing that she will have a house to give to her children some day. Pictured below is Adele and her little guy and baby, in the house that they rent for $20 a month. which is adobe, therefore growing weaker with every rainfall. and only two small rooms with no water or electricity, or toilet, I actually don't know where there toilet they use is, hopefully the land owner who lives next door, has one.

 Pictured below is our little friend spending the weekend with us when we lived in Angola. I miss him so much. His mother is supported by a Welfare/WIC type program, were she is given milk powder, corn flour, sugar, and diapers weekly, enough to feed her and her kids and enough to sell, to have a little money. The government has also given her land, in which we would like to start building on soon.
I do think his mother has her flaws, like all of us. And I want more than anything to just adopt this little guy, but I think the Lord would have him stay in the loving home of his mother. So I'm looking for anyone that wants to come alongside and build this house, using Angolan workers and locally made supplies. Again, this project will also take about $5,000, start to finish.

My convictions to help these ladies, as always, stem from what I know of teachings by Jesus Christ. Matthew 25:40   And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’
And then I am also motivated by the words of Paul to the Corinthian church. "You will be blessed in every way and you will be able to keep on being generous. Then many people will thank you when we deliver your gift." --2 Corinthians 9:11

So whether you give to these ladies, or give to others in need. I truly believe that you should give.

If you are interested in giving to these housing projects, just go to our new website:

Thank you so much for reading,
With Love From Portland,