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Monday, July 29, 2013

This is No Sacrifice

When John and I got married, we played a song called "This is no sacrifice, here's my life." And I loved those words but never really understood them until now.
There are some who have praised us for our "selfless" acts of selling our things to serve the blind in Angola. If I could convey our understanding of God and His Kingdom, and the amazing encounters we have had because we left our comfortable world; you would realize that we have sacrificed nothing. Instead, we have traded up in life. I have the privelege of being reminded  daily of our many blessings. Daily, we get to feel the reward of helping others in need without looking for them. Our children see, everyday, other kids who don't have it so good (although, they don't always sit content with the same "old" toys). I'm not bombarded with commercials for the latest and greatest gadgets telling me what I should be wasting my hard earned money on.
I've seen my children's prayers get answered. I've seen my husband grow in the Fruits of the Spirit. I've seen the Lord actively working in my life. Even when I thought I didn't have the kind of Spiritual Gifts that God needed in a Missionary, but I get to see Him use me! I can't hide behind all the "truely qualified" ministry people. I get to be that person. My life is so full! So blessed, so unified with my family.
I have made no sacrifice of true meaning, but I have traded up in the Kingdom of God; and want to hear no more of how amazing we are. If we were so amazing, God would have been able to teach us and use us in these ways right there in the U.S. But instead he had to send us way over here to get our attention. .
When I hear someone thanking me for coming here, I feel so humbled. It's like someone thanking me for eating a piece of chocolate cake. I just love my life.

From Angola With Love,

Note: The wording I used today, "traded up" was taken from the book "Love Does" by Bob Goff.


  1. Lori,

    I came across a link on Facebook to this blog, and I am so happy to have found it! I have often thought you and John and wondered if you were living in the jungle somewhere. John once said you were ready to pack up and move to the jungle right after you got married!

    I don't know if I have ever shared this with you, but I have an image of you burned into my memory. One Sunday morning when you and John were home for a visit, I caught a glimpse of you lost in worship. You had both arms to heaven and tears of total abandon streaming down your face. Your passion permeated your entire being. It was inspiring. I am still inspired by that memory to be passionate in my love for Jesus and my calling in motherhood!

    I will pray for you guys and your family. It is so exciting to know that you are doing the Lord's work at all costs. May the rich and deep blessings of abundant life be on you and yours!!


  2. Well written Lori. Jen and I feel very much the same as you and Jon do. Being right where God wants you to be and striving each day to hear his voice is a real blessing. We really enjoy following you both on the Journey God has you on.


    Brenton and Jen